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Master Plan Delhi

Master Plan Delhi 2021 has aimed to make Delhi a world-class city under which a major development will take place in order to provide housing to all. Vision 2021 is to plan, formulate, and implement Master Plan in the metro city Delhi. This will help people to invest, stay and work in the environment where all the resources are present. The main vision is to stop the migrating population from the National Capital towards the nearest locations by providing adequate residential and commercial solution to the people of Delhi NCR. Vision 2021 has helped to do a planned construction, upgrade old and un-organized areas in the National Capital, providing housing solution to the EWS (Economic Weaker Section), conserve the heritage and history of Delhi, provide high-class designs and architecture, provide an eco-friendly and secure development, and public-private participation.

Origin and Basis of the Master Plan Delhi

We people, know that before the independence of India, the Delhi Development Act 1957 has brought the planned development in the National Capital. It was followed by the MPD-62, the promulgation of the Master Plan.

MPD-62 has introduced a new era of the Macro and Micro level development in the National Capital. The prime vision was the development of the capital of the country that is the reason development agenda has been formulated and implemented. Large-scale acquisition and development of the resources have been introduced that helps in the growth of the economy of India. At that period most of the development is led by the India government without much done by the private sector builders. Today, things have changed, now the development and infrastructure are taken care under the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model in which government will act as a facilitator and major construction will be done by the private builders.

The existence of the Master Plan Delhi 2001 has taken into account the inclusive development model of both housing and infrastructure. Many plans including the zone plans and the layout plans have been work upon.

There were many problems and issues with the plan that were raised. Few were updated and changed to introduce the Master Plan Delhi 2021. Some issues are stated below:

  • For large scale development and land acquisition policy has to be reviewed
  • To involve the private sector for the development and construction
  • Development of the urbanized areas under the MPD 2021
  • Introducing new policies and rules to construct well-planned townships
  • There were many challenges for the government such as identifying un-planned and un-authorized colonies and also the removal of the Jhuggi clusters. These were taken into consideration and work has been done for better future growth.